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analog audiovisual system

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analog audiovisual system

Light is a waveform, characterized by a certain frequency and length.

All the colors that we can see in Nature are basically emitted frequencies, sunlight that is not absorbed by the objects around us.
Each object emits light with a particular wavelength. The light frequency  visible to the human eye ranges from 400 to about 800 THz.

Sound is also a waveform, and what we can hear lies in a frequency range of 20 to 20 KHz, so much lower than that the frequency of light. I like to think colors as basically an inaudible sounds, because they vibrate in a range of frequencies that are too high to be heard.

The idea of giving a corresponding sound to the colors we see has always attracted me.

An analog video synthesizer can produce shapes and colors inside an old cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor by means of a modulated electric current that deflects electrons inside the tube.
Electric current is also a waveform, and the frequencies needed to produce visible signals in a CRT monitor depend on the different standards used.

In general there are:
ANIMATION frequencies, which are below 25 Hz.
Y AXIS frequencies ranging from about 50 Hz to 15 KHz known as the audio range because it roughly coincides with most of the human audible range. X AXIS frequencies ranging from about 15 KHz to 6 MHz, thus surpassing the range of the human hearing.

MONDRIAN is a modular Audio / Video synthesis system where the images and colors displayed in an old CRT monitor become a generative source of sound, which is then modulated.
The video images inside the monitor, whether generated and modulated by analog video synthesizers, coming from a camera or any video source, are made up of the union of three RGB color channels: red, green and blue.

These three color channels become the source of sound thanks to a specially soldered cable, which transforms a VGA video signal into three audio signals, one for each R, G and B channel.

Using modular synthesis I can generate/edit the video content and in the meantime listen to the sound produced by the content screened. Finally, the sound coming from each colored channel can be modulated again by the audio synthesizer modules, for a pleasant listening to particular loops.

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