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ACT ONE - Isonzo’s mouth

by Francesco Scarel e Organic Audio

“Silent as a fish”, they say.
"The silent world" is the title of one of Jacques Cousteau's most beautiful documentaries.
But underwater there is very little silence. Fish drumming, shrimp snapping, whales singing. And then earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, waves. In addition there is the contribution of man: motor boats, turbines, sonar, explosives, air cannons, wind turbines.

Underwater noise pollution has grown dramatically in recent years, reaching worrying levels, which impede communication and orientation of fish and mammals.

In this project we go fishing for sounds along the mouth of the Isonzo, on the border between the river and the sea, in the (now utopian) search for an acoustic environment not contaminated by anthropic noises. Thanks to the use of microphones, hydrophones and contact microphones (including some self-made crafts) it was possible to record the soundscape.
The audio/video recordings are part of a quadraphonic audiovisual performance, an immersive, electro-organic underwater live.

Audio recording and processing by Camilla Isola, Emanuele Pertoldi and Andrea Peluso (Organic Audio)
Video documentation: Zoe Pernici, Paolo Danelone, Francesco Scarel

Festival dell’Acqua Staranzano 2023