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What Are Borders

I grew up very close the border between Italy - Austria - Slovenia, and I’d to deal with this imaginary line, this social artifact that inevitably contributed to shape who I am.

︎ This is a collection of video interviews of worldwide artists we hosted at Dobialab during the past ten years.

I simply asked What Borders Are.

This documentary was made within the project SCIENCE FOR SUBURB and is part of the SIAE - "Per Chi Crea" program, after a partecipative video workshop conducted by me and Erika Rossi with a class of high-school Deledda-Fabiani institute in Trieste, Italy.

Designed to be made in one of the suburbs of the city of Trieste, the documentary needed a re-thinking due to the health emergency from Covid_19 during the first lockdown. The story that comes out is the intimate idea of feeling "periphery" during the time spent closed at home.
“Rituals and collective terminologies in some form united us, but at the same time were a tangible sign of what was happening in every home, in every individual, in every adolescent.”

Identità Zero

Workshop/performance by Terzocinema collective, within the ID_ exhibition of Cyland MediaArt Lab ID.  ART: TECH EXHIBITION, Venice Biennale 2019.

A mysterious figure, Janus, explores the different identities of the visitors and extracts a representative epithet from them. This fragment is then drawn and rendered into an image on a sliding paper ribbon, and at the same time projected onto the visitor's silhouette.

Terzocinema collective has been invited to deal with Hybridizations and Monsters as part of a multimedia collateral of the Venice Biennale Arti Figurative, organized by MediaArtLab CYLAND, which includes works by 19 artists from Italy, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and USA.

VAM MONSTER is a Laboratory created for the occasion with the public with a hybrid and monstrous technique which is something in between an installation and a performance.

Progetto Borgo Cinema
I cortometraggi UNA SCUOLA PER TUTTI e TG BORGO sono stati realizzati durante l’anno scolastico 2022-2023 nell’ambito del progetto Borgo Cinema promosso dall’Istituto Comprensivo Statale Giancarlo Roli in collaborazione con l’associazione Alpe Adria Cinema e la Cooperativa Ghirigori.
Borgo Cinema è un’iniziativa realizzata nell’ambito del Piano Nazionale Cinema e Immagini per la Scuola promosso da MiC-Ministero della Cultura e MIM-Ministero dell'Istruzione e del Merito.

Main collaborations

Un Nemico Invisibile - An Invisible Enemy

A documentary by Federico Savonitto and Riccardo Campagna (2022) - sound guy

In Praise of Nothing

A film by Boris Mitic (2017) - cinematographer (one of them)

Every Soul of my Body

A documentary by Erika Rossi (2016) - sound guy